Free essential air transport for remote
Scottish Communities

Our Aims...

Community Air Support Service (CASS) aims to provide a way for those in remote rural communities across the Highlands and Islands to connect to much needed services in larger towns and cities. Volunteer pilots in specially adapted small aircraft will be available to fly members of the community to hospitals or clinics, etc. in order to attend essential appointments, meetings and visits in a fraction of the time it would take for a similar trip by road. 

and Objectives...

As well as transporting members of the community, CASS hopes to operate an essential parcel delivery service when no other option is available and items and equipment, prescriptions, etc. are required fairly urgently. Our aircraft will also be able to accommodate family pets needing to travel with owners. 

By using light aircraft CASS will be able to land and take off in locations where larger aircraft cannot.

and Ideas...

There are many private and disused airfields across the Highlands and Islands which, with minimal outlay by the community, could be made serviceable for light aircraft. CASS will work with relevant agencies and volunteers in outlying areas in order to organise any necessary works needing to be carried out. 
CASS also hopes to operate a plane capable of taking off and landing on water, which would be ideal for remote inhabited islands.