About us

We are a small team of dedicated people who are committed to making a difference to those living in remote communities across the Scottish Highlands and Islands. Our vision is to enable people in these areas to access services as easily as those living in larger cities. We also aim to provide a service which will make visiting loved ones in hospital or homes in other areas that much easier and quicker.  

At present we have a few light aircraft which have been kindly donated to the charity and our team of volunteer aircraft engineers are working hard to get these planes flyable. We rely heavily on the kindness and generosity of our volunteer engineers and pilots who are committed to making this service possible and would welcome enquiries from anyone wishing to join us or help in any way.

We also hope to engage those in remote communities to assist with preparing old airfields and possible areas which can be adapted to form runways for our aircraft to land and take off. We hope to be sourcing floats for one of our planes which will enable take off and landing on water, but in the meantime, we need suitable runways which, with the co-operation of local farmers and landowners, will not be difficult to prepare. As soon as our aircraft are ready, we will be visiting remote communities across the Scottish Highlands and Islands in order to discuss what arrangements can be made. This service will only work with the collaboration of willing and able people in remote communities who are prepared to get involved in making this service something they can all benefit from.